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Haws Corporation tempered water care and repair

Here at Haws we are frequently asked if there are any periodic maintenance tips that we can offer for installed products. All Emergency Equipment is required to be activated weekly by ANSI. Purging the standing water out of the lines reduces buildup of stagnate water and helps remove rust from pipes in galvanized units.

In addition, purging helps guarantee that the water...



IOSCO: Unlocking Africa’s Potential through Competition Policy

African countries have much to gain by encouraging open and competitive markets, particularly as a means to spur sustainable economic growth and alleviate poverty. Yet in reality, many markets have low levels of competition. More than 70% of African countries rank in the bottom half of countries globally on the perceived intensity of local competition and on the existence of ...


Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Role of gas heaters in your home

Natural gas furnaces are a trend these days and a lot of homeowners prefer to use it according to Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning. Apparently, it is currently the most popular home heating option in the market. Its efficient characteristic can also reduce the impact on the environment since its byproducts are only water vapor and small amounts of carbon dioxide.



Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Reasons to have air conditioning

When looking for a trustworthy organization, avoid fraud services online because fraudsters often disguise themselves as representatives from a genuine company and offer their services to you in exchange of your personal and financial information.

Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning can perform proper air conditioning service and installation for your home and can help you...



Eric Hamilton Marsden Tips for buying furniture

Finding the ideal bespoke furniture for your home can be simple as long as you have the patience in doing so. If you're going to be a smart buyer, then you can save money during the entire process and find high-quality furniture that meets all your needs all at once. The following are some basic tips provided by Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden to help you find the best bespoke...


Axia Consultants: Tips for attending accounting exhibitions

Before the exhibition

1. Draw up a list of objectives for visiting the exhibition. Define what you wish to achieve eg to get an overview of certain types of software, see the latest software functionality, or to meet certain vendors.

2. Plan your visit. Make a shortlist of exhibitors, vendor demonstrations, educational or other sessions you wish to see. Don’t...


IOSCO: Reports on transparency of firms that audit public companies

The final report discusses “audit firm transparency reporting,” which is a practice “employed by audit firms to be transparent in their own reporting to investors and other stakeholders about the firm itself, notably, with respect to firm governance and elements of their system of quality control for their financial statement audits.”

According to the final...


Axia Consultants: Accounting software trends

The continued growth of web-based and web-enabled Accounting Software and systems, including:

• Cloud computing / SaaS - wholly online accounting software • Hosted or combined online / on-premise accounting software services and systems (and the beginning of the reduction of solely on-premise accounting software) • Web services, web support • e-procurement,...


Axia Consultants Project initiation checklist

You’ve finally got board approval to select a new software system - then what? You’ve actually got to do it! So, here is a quick ‘project initiation checklist’ of 30 things to consider at this stage. If you can tick everything ‘yes’ - you’re ready to start!

Project Initiation Checklist What is the software / system selection project? 1. Has the project...


Axia Consulting profile

With skill backgrounds in Accounting, Payroll, HR, processes, project management and IT, we can rapidly contribute to time-critical projects by providing the expertise, focus and drive needed to meet key deadlines. Axia Philosophy

Our philosophy is to involve client’s staff as much as possible, whilst providing the in-depth expertise. So client’s costs are ...